Our history – The breed

Il FoioncoAn imaginary bird and a small German dog

The Foionco is an imaginary bird featured in popular Emilian folklore. Similar to an eagle or a falcon, with feathers, it has three legs, a hooked beak, steals hens and drinks Lambrusco. The Zwergpinscher is a small dog of German origin: strong, courageous and a perfect guard dog.

These two animals, one imaginary and the other real, logically have nothing in common. When I got to know Zwergpinschers, I immediately associated them with the fantastic bird, so much so that I called them my little foionchini. In fact, in my imagination, the foionco has the same look as the Zwergpinscher. Hence the name “DEL FOIONCO”.

The breed Zwergpinscher

Breed recognised by the FCI no. 185 Zwergpinscher (Dwarf Pinscher) origin Germany.

Small dog of square construction, between 25 and 30 centimeters in height, deer red or black and tan, the only two coats recognised in Europe. Ears and Tail are natural.

The dog’s character is strong, determined and courageous, making it an excellent guard dog and ideal companion for anyone.

It isn’t a dog to be left alone for long periods; it actively participates in the life of the family, becoming a fun and carefree elf.


How did our love for dwarf pinschers come about?

We are an agricultural family origins and we’ve always had dogs, usually large onces, until our little Zwergpinscher arrived.

So it was that on 13th October 2006 a red miniature pinscher puppy arrived: TONINO.
Tonino didn’t grow very big, but he proved to be a dog with a big heart.
And so our love for this splendid breed was born.

We live in the province of Modena in Savignano sul Panaro, located at the foot of the first hills of the Emilian Apennines; our house isn’t large but it has a decent-sized garden.

Our region offers plenty of natural spaces which can be enjoyed in the company of our little Zwergpinschers.

There’s no shortage of meadows and hills so we often take our little friends for long, fun walks.

Our Zwergpinschers grow up and live in the house with us, they’re well socialised, both with humans and with other dogs.

They’re ideal companions for anyone, as long as they don’t have to remain alone for too long; in fact they don’t like isolation and once they’ve recognised their owner they rely on them completely.