Get to know the dogs in our Zwergpinscher kennel

Despite being small in stature, the Zwergpinscher has a proud character which goes well with its strength.

It’s full of energy and loves playing, especially with children.

It’s faithful and loyal, full of curiosity and eager to get to know everything around it and for this reason it’s sometimes stubborn and with a fearless temperament.

It immediately becomes attached to its master and to those around it, protecting them in any situation.

It’s very intelligent and learns easily; it’s best to take it to socialisation classes from an early age, where it can adapt to contact with humans and with other dogs.

It’s comfortable in family and home life and doesn’t cause any problems.

It’s an excellent guardian, always attentive and with unique character traits.


The male dwarf pinschers we breed


The male dwarf pinschers we breed